Who Owns Your Pediatric Dentist?

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As a parent, you want your children to receive
the best dental care.

You expect dentists to do their job responsibly.
To make a proper assessment of your child’s
dental condition, and to decide on proper treatment,
based on facts. You expect dentists to make the choices
that are for your children’s benefit. The dentist is the
health professional, with the training, the education,
the skill. He should make the choices that are best for
the child’s oral health. You expect that the treatments
Your child will receive will be necessary, not merely to
make the dental business money.

The sad fact is, not all dentists are in charge of their
practice. Many Dental Service Organizations (DSO)
are structured in ways to evade regulations and
operate outside the rule of law.
It’s an unfortunate thing. It means that the decisions
dentists make may not be their decision.
It’s who really controls their business.

Despite the dentist appearing to be in control,
there may be a different beneficial owner,
who happens to not be a physician.

Is a non-physician the one really controlling the
dental practice?

Whatever makes more money could very well be
the idea behind everything.

  • Unnecessary dental work.
  • Creative diagnosis.
  • Merely cosmetic dentistry.
  • Expensive treatment that’s solely to generate income.

And children have not been exempt from this abuse.

If your pediatric dentist doesn’t have control
over his own dental practice, then how can you
rest assured that what he’s charging you for
is necessary and for your child’s benefit?

Fortunately, there are laws in place regarding this.
There are prohibitions and restrictions regarding
the ownership and control of a medical practice by someone
who is not a dentist. As there should be. There are laws
requiring that medical care be delivered by clinics that
are owned and under the control of dental professionals.

So if a dental practice is not under the control of a dentist,
there’s something wrong. Not only is it unethical, but it is also
financially harmful to the patients. In addition, the dentist who
is complicit in this illegal arrangement will be held responsible.
It’s a sham business in order to get around the law, for profit.

Even though the dentist may appear to be in charge, he may not be.

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